Welcome to Carter Clan on the Net

(the CD Version)

Welcome to the unofficial Carter Clan homepage. This was originally thought of as being a place for camp related pictures, stories, etc... However, since Carter Clan is not just camp, I thought it might be a good meeting place on the Net for whatever you 'clanners' out there might like to see. So below there is not only a section for camp, but one for some other things (what, I am not sure of at this time). So visit frequently and watch this page evolve.

The Camp

Here, I hope to bring a little of camp to those of you that are unable to make the trip as often as you might like. To remind you of the eery cry of the loons or the cry of the loon that swam right up to the dock cried out, woke me up, scaring me half to death and then swam away. I also have included some pictures.If you have any that you want included, you can mail me the photograph, or e-mail me the .gif or .jpg file. Also, you might find some stories that have been supplied by some of us.

The Relative Links

I thought that I would provide a place for any linksthat anyone might want to provide. This is a place where you can participate. Mail me a link you would like to have included in our page. Just mail me the URL, and any little comment you would like to have associated with it. The link, your comment, and you name will be placed here. I prefer that these be individual home pages. Links that you feel are interesting can be accessed through your home page, so they should not need to be here, also.

Thanks for visiting...

Remember this is your page too. So, please, send me your comments and/or contributions. To send these via E-mail use bwa@kayaker.mv.com.